Last week, we visited a town called Zumaia.

We started our visit from the train station and go through the village streets until we reached the estuary. We continued from the left side of the river along with other visitors and local youngsters enjoying a morning dip.

IMG_20150831_194423 IMG_20150830_202217   IMG_20150830_201522   IMG_20150830_201836 IMG_20150831_193747

We followed the way until we got to the edge of the port where you could see a fabulous tidal zone and, sharpening the view, even Ondarroa and Mutriku.

IMG_20150831_192733 IMG_20150831_191750     IMG_20150831_192149 IMG_20150831_195217

The walk made us hungry so we decided to go to the town center so as to enjoy a good meal. We headed towards a narrow street where there were lots of ​​restaurants and bars, and there discovered the tavern Zalla. Although the local specialty seemed to be the roast chicken, we enjoyed two delicious sandwiches that filled us with energy to continue the journey.

IMG_20150831_200620 IMG_20150831_200302     IMG_20150831_195848 IMG_20150831_201158

We walked up a beautiful stone driveway between trees that led us to a wonderful beach entrance. From above you could enjoy a beautiful view of the beach and the cliffs supported by the worldwide known Flysch. The Flysch in Zumaia are a treasure and according to the experts, their striking blades contain the geological history of the Earth.

IMG_20150830_192356 IMG_20150830_191828 IMG_20150830_193240

Encouraged by this wild landscape, we climbed the cliffs to the small shrine known for holding one of the most famous weddings of the Spanish cinema in “Ocho apellidos vascos.” From this privileged view you can enjoy a fabulous view of the beach and the cliffs that change from traditional to more pinkish colors.

IMG_20150830_191535 IMG_20150830_192617 IMG_20150830_193022

After our long walk we went to the beach so as to relax and have a rest facing the sea.

IMG_20150830_193811 IMG_20150830_193432 IMG_20150830_192158



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